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Author : Kazuhiro Hara
Author : Kazuhiro Hara
Thu Feb 29 2024

Mac mini fits perfectly in BUBM's gadget pouch

This weekend, I'm going on a workcation, which means a development camp, or in other words, a business trip, to Kinosaki Onsen in Hyogo Prefecture. I'll be bringing a Mac mini to develop an app for VisionOS. Now, I'm considering which bag to pack everything in...

I've decided that a BUBM gadget pouch (sorry, the one I bought is out of stock now, but here's the link) is the best choice, and I wanted to share that with you.

This gadget pouch actually came as a set of three bags of different sizes, sold together. When they arrived, the smaller bags were nested inside the larger one, which reminded me of the Matryoshka doll structure.

Where I stored it

In this set, the largest bag seemed somehow similar in size to my Mac mini. So, I tried fitting it in and, to my surprise, it was a perfect fit.

The pouch also came with cushioned dividers, which allowed me to neatly store my Mac mini along with its power cord in a snug fit.

Mac mini fits perfectly

So, if you can find a similar, latest model of this gadget pouch, taking your Mac mini to remote locations won’t be a worry at all.

Let’s take your Mac mini outside!



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