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Author : Kazuhiro Hara
Author : Kazuhiro Hara
Fri Feb 02 2024

Introducing My New Section: "Links of Interest"

I'm excited to announce the launch of a new section on my blog, "Links of Interest." This space is dedicated to sharing web pages that captivate me, allowing me to discuss them in a public forum. I plan to delve into these topics more thoroughly in future articles.

Previously, I've shared my interests on platforms like Twitter, Facebook, and Slack. However, I've often struggled to locate my past posts on these sites, particularly on Twitter.

This new section aims to serve as a more organized repository for the tidbits I've shared, offering not just a compilation of links but a structured record of my interests.

For the moment, you can find it exclusively in the right column of the language top page (when viewed on a PC). I'm looking forward to expanding this section with more pages in the near future.

In essence, I created this because I felt a strong desire to have it. And that's really all there is to it!



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