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Author : Kazuhiro Hara
Author : Kazuhiro Hara
Thu Jan 18 2024

RSS is now available

I received a request to output RSS, so I updated it to do so. When creating the RSS output, there was something I had to think about. It's that some of the posts don't have titles. Since RSS requires a title field, I needed to come up with a clever solution.

This website is made with Next.js and generates HTML statically. Therefore, the RSS is also output statically.

The articles are written in Markdown, and we use marked for handling Markdown.

If there's a title, this website can just output it as is. However, for cases without a title, I decided to output the first 80 characters of the body, stripping out the Markdown formatting. So, I use the following library to generate titles at build time.

So, I made the RSS this way. If you need it, feel free to use it.



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